Music production

10+ years of experience in music composing and audio engineering

March 2007 - Currently
My first freelance music production job was in year 2007. Since then I created tens of songs for various artists in multiple genres. 
  • "Jump on it" track listed on 4th place in the country-wide top charts in radio ESKA
  • Winner of "Me Myself and I" remix contest
  • Winner of Greg Access's "Scandalous" remix contest
  • Winner of "Neverland" remix contest
  • Błażej Lange's "Sobą być" song listed as number one in PoloTV charts
  • Hundreds of thousands views on YouTube and track downloads

Released a full album with retro groove synthwave ideas

I assembled my hobby compositions into a simple space travel story. Enjoy!

Scoring & Orchestral

I currently find inspiration in scoring for motion picture. I participated in a few competitions that offered a great material for training.