Designing userfriendly products through UX research

Hi, I’m Maciej. UX designer by day, music composer by night. Let's make your projects sing!
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Interaction design & prototyping

10+ years of professional experience as a full-time UX/UI designer. Conducted more than 200 user interviews.

Music production

I've had the pleasure of composing all kinds of music, and some of my tracks have even been listed in top charts!

Product strategy consulting

Professional experience as a strategist for SASS & FMCG products. Experience as a leader role in several projects & start-ups.
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Web development

Designing and building mobile-friendly websites in Webflow + HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Prototyping with code & no-code

Building simple proof-of-concept apps with Webflow, Meteor.js, jQuery, Zoho Creator, etc.

Video editing & motion design

I'm able to create decent promo videos with simple animations, custom music, sound effects & voiceover copywriting. See example
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Digital photography

Capturing moments. Post-processing for professional colors.
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